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OMBH offers unique, handcrafted homeware and gifts made from sustainable materials like bamboo and recycled wood. Find elegant designs, vibrant colors, and intricate details in our bowls, plates, ornaments, and more. Shop online for free UK delivery or visit our stall at Northeast England craft shows.

Meet Us In Various Fairs Around Northeast


OMBH Homeware invites you to celebrate the season with our vibrant collection of handcrafted homeware and gifts, bursting with the colours and textures of a joyful summer. Explore our beautiful selection of homeware, all handmade from natural materials like wood, bamboo, and natural shells. Each piece is a celebration of nature's beauty and craftsmanship.

Discover a kaleidoscope of colours and textures, featuring stunning natural patterns like florals and animal prints that perfectly capture the essence of summer.


Our items come with Quality & Uniqueness. Every OMBH piece is one-of-a-kind, crafted with care and attention to detail. Bring a touch of summer charm and unmatched character to your home. The Perfect Summer Gift: Find the ideal present for a loved one – a piece that embodies the joy of the season and adds a touch of nature's elegance to their space.

More than just a shopping, come and chat with our friendly member and learn about the inspiration behind each piece.

Information about OMBH

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