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Bamboo is a popular plant in every village across Vietnam. Over thousands of years, bamboo contribute as a symbolic and indispensable role of Vietnamese life style from poem, music, painting to popular home use as wood, homeware and construction. Nowadays, the natural materials have become popular trend for production of eco friendly homeware products and home décor. Bamboo placemats are a part of the friendly environmental and degradable product introduced by vnhomeware


Bamboo placemats production contains multi steps purely by hand, including selecting raw materials and plucking, drying, chopping spokes, treating, dying and drying before weaving to placemats using traditional wooden machines.


Ombh homeware selection is bursting with diversity in colours, thread design and bamboo arrangement. The wooden placemats will be a beautiful compliment with any dinnerware around your table and your room

BP005-  GRE BLK -3a.jpg
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