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Bamboo Bowls

When the green consumption trend becomes popular, rattan and bamboo household items such as trays, plates, containers and bowls are also increasingly popular. These products not only have aesthetic value but are also very useful in daily life, contributing to creating a green living space, close to nature.

Woven bowls are produced by hand., followed by applying different decoration techniques to embrace different decor environment within households. Designed by OMBH, the bowls are exclusively in shaping styles, decoration techniques, colour variation and unique textures. 

From kitchen bench to dining table, the bamboo bowls are not just for container uses but also stunning decorative objects to impress.

BTT013-Bam Lacquer Bowl GRE-0423-3a.jpg
Bamboo plain collection-0822-15a.jpg
H004-BAM BOWL GRE- (48).jpg
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