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Unveiling the beauty of handcrafted artistry, our wooden lacquer pots and trinket boxes are a testament to dedication and skill. The process begins with a wooden base, meticulously coated in multiple layers of natural lacquer. This painstaking procedure not only seals and strengthens the wood but also involves extensive drying and water-rubbing between each layer to achieve a flawless, smooth surface. Sometimes reaching up to 15 layers or more, this meticulous approach ensures exceptional durability.


The artistry then unfolds with hand-painted designs or engravings, further embellished with unique inlays. Seashells, crushed eggshells, and even gold or silver leaf may be incorporated, adding a touch of luxury and transforming each piece into a one-of-a-kind treasure. These exquisite lacquerware creations are not just functional storage solutions but beautiful works of art that bring a touch of cultural heritage to your home.


Exquisite Lacquerware: Handcrafted Wooden Pots & Trinket Boxes

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