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Vibrant Bamboo Tableware Handmade Collection

News Of The Week

The journey of coconut

Coconut is one of most popular trees in Vietnam from villages to cities, from family gardens to farms. Coconut is widely used for various products for cooking, cosmetic, fuel, medicine, construction…. The full trees from roots, tree, bark, leaf, flowers, coconut fruit, fibrous husk, coconut juice, coconut meat to coconut shells are all suitable to every uses around the house.

In recent years, coconut hard shell becomes a trendy and eco friendly material for decorative products. After harvesting coconut from the farm, splitting fibrous husk, sanding rough hard shell, painting and lacquer, inlaid and decorate with other materials… the dedication of hand work, skilful techniques has transformed the waste rough looking shell to stunning and unique decorative bowls for use and display around the house or beautiful gift to your loved ones #onlymadebyhand #ombhhomeware #coconutbowls #handmadehomewares #ecofriendlyhomedecor #giftideas

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