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A Long Journey Of Passion and Patience (OMBH Homeware)

Though (OMBH homeware) is based in Sunderland (UK), we are a UK - Vietnam family business created since 2015 from interests of family and friends toward wooden lacquers brought to the UK from Vietnam after travel trips. Our lacquerware work is a family history involved 3 generation over 50 years starting from small objects as spools, chopsticks, then growing over the year with expertise in lacquer techniques and variety of products. In the old age when Vietnam was very poor place, the lacquer oil was produced by our own hands grinding cashew nuts to powders before cooking to extract its oil for lacquer painting. The image of our grandfather sitting on small stool to dip every single chopstick in the lacquer oil, then paint every bamboo leaves on the items has been always the memory imprinted in our minds.


Throughout the years, from a small workshop making simple objects to support the family, we have learnt and grown so much sophisticated  expertise in lacquerware employing eggshell, seashell, silver and gold leaves for the work. Above all the skilful techniques, it is the passion and the patience that we put into every stages of the work to maintain our authenticity. That is quality, beauty and uniqueness of each item.

From inherence of traditional lacquerware techniques on solid wood, we have also developed our own states empowering vibrant colours onto products and/or diversify various shapes and styles. Beyond that, OMBH has collaborated with artisan and manufactures in Vietnam working on bamboo wares and coconut wares. The eco friendly business vision is further developed using these recycled materials as coconut shells and sustainable source such as bamboo. Throughout the years with growing interests from customers and the trend of eco friendly lifestyle, our product has increased  into various homeware ranges from bamboo placemats, wooden tray, bowl and plates, coasters, lampshades to metal vehicle models and greeting cards. with over 300 items on sale.

OMBH products have been sold dominantly in the UK as the base of our store, but also shipped to over 20 countries from Australia to USA and Europe. Over the years, the products and customer service have been well received by many customers reflecting over reviews and feedbacks which can be seen in the testimonial page​


After 5 years of business based on different online platforms, the store has now created its own website where it gives us a direct interface and contact with customers through our exclusive products, sale, information and communication. New website but not new in the business, OMBH strives for introducing more exciting handmade products made in Vietnam to UK, Europe and the work with our excellent customer care

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What makes OMBH different

  • OMBH homeware are seemingly a fusion of oriental making process and contemporary style, design and colours to enhance the decoration and display any home, any corners or perfect as gift

  • Products are purely and skilfully made by hand of Vietnamese artisan and villagers using traditional processes. Our product are only imported from Vietnam

  • Products are made of sustainable wood sources such as bamboo or recycled wood (coconut) and metal (iron) which are again recycled and biodegradable ​

  • OMBH involves from designs to finish stages making its product distinctive with style and quality

  • Product are given in much details and pictures to provide clear information as well as instant customer support for any inquiry 

  • Excellent customer services from ordering to after sale proven by positive track record over the years

The Team

OMBH homeware team is a family members working hard in every steps from Vietnam to UK in order to bring to customers with fine quality products and caring customer service throughout. The products and provided services have proven a good track records shown in testimonial pages

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