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Handmade Lacquer Bamboo Rectangular Tray, Serving Decorative Tray Green

Handmade Lacquer Bamboo Rectangular Tray, Serving Decorative Tray Green

£20.99 Regular Price
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Eco friendly handmade bamboo tray - high quality lacquer paint serving decorative tray, blue-natural browl, TRAYBLU


Exclusively designed by OMBH Homeware and Gifts, the sturdy high quality rectangular tray is made of thick bamboo slats woven and stuck with glues together to the desired shape. The tray is coated with multi layers of lacquer by hand. The out face of the tray is buffed to a high gloss shine to provide vibrant look and easy maintenant for the item. The inner tray is coated with clear varnish providing beautiful woven bamboo pattern. The tray bottom is fitted with rubber pads to protect the tray and table surfaces.


The tray/platter collection comes with 6 different colours in 3 sizes fittable to diverse decoration and use purposes. The platter/tray is water resistant and food-safe. The striking contemporary colour, the natural wood pattern and feel will enhance the elegance around your table and your room. Each individual tray is carefully selected, making this a truly unique item. 


Bamboo is a fantastic eco suitanable material source for all homeware around the house, the use of bamboo utensils would be essential and encourraging for friendly environment lifestyle.


As the tray is paint in high gloss preventing from stain with food, the item is suitable to gentle handwash with soap and soft tissues.


Colour: Blue-Natural Brown


Small Tray: ~30 x 20 x 4 cm (LxWxH), ~500 G - Item code: TRAYBLUS


Medium Tray: ~35 x 25 x 4 cm (LxWxH). 600 G, Item code: TRAYBLUM


Large Tray: ~40 x 30 x 4 cm (LxWxH). 800 G, Item Code: TRAYBLUL