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Story of Vietnamese 3 Wheels Rickshaw Display Model

Star of the showcase in Tynemouth market this weekend. The Vietnamese little 3 wheels rickshaw model has attracted many views during the Saturday display. Some viewers recognise the rickshaw as one of their memories during the travel to Vietnam. It was so nice and proud moment to start conversation, chat with customers, not just about the item, the product but also about the country and how they enjoyed their time in Vietnam.

The xich lo, invented by the French in the early 19th century, is a modified three-wheeled bicycle, with the driver perched behind a large seat that can accommodate up to three people – depending on their size - or goods. The form of cycle rickshaw is unique to the nations of the former French colony of Indochina.

Xich Lo is not only the most popular transportation means in Vietnam in the past but it is also a great object represented for Vietnamese people's way of life. Since French time, Xich Lo used to be call as luxury transportation for French people in Vietnam as small numbers of Vietnamese noble at that time. Xich Lo drivers was stood as symbol of hard working job or for sub - servants under French occupation.

The little metal tricycle rickshaw model is not only a display collectable object but it creates a start of connection between people together. I am sure the onlymadebyhand collectable items will impress more customers in the weekends to come #onlymadebyhand#ombhhomeware#tynemouthmarket#xichlo

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