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A Story of Bamboo in Vietnam

Recently a Vietnamese beauty queen contestant competed in the Miss Grand International, in Indonesia wearing an impressive costume replicating a painting art named ‘Truc Tri’ where she won the best national costume prize. ‘Truc Chi’ is a very specific Vietnamese painting art where beautiful patterns are skilfully created on wet bamboo paper with water pressure. Then after drying the painting is projected under lighting creating a unique and stunning 3D art picture. ‘Truc Chi’ is a modern art created in the Central of Vietnam, Hue in the last 10 years showing another aspect of the bamboo affecting to Vietnamese daily life style

This prompts me to remember a historical myth of a young hero Vietnamese in ‘Hung Vuong’ dynasty over 2000 years ago. During the time, Vietnam was invaded by a Northern enemy, a young boy grew up as a giant within days to lead the fight against the invader. During the combat, his sword was broken, he pulls out a bunch of bamboo plants and continues to chase off the enemy to regain independence for the country. After the fight, the young man rides a horse to a northern mountain region and flies into the sky. The young man holding bamboo plants has become a symbol of resilient of the Vietnamese throughout history

Bamboo with over 300 different types is associated closely to Vietnamese tradition, history and culture over thousands of years. Bamboo is planted in every Vietnamese village, bamboo appears from painting, poetry, music to the use in building construction (house, bridge, boat…) and various homeware products. Nowadays, talented artisans also transform bamboo into abundant ranges of kitchenware, tableware and decorative products by creation of shape, form, painting and/or inlaid techniques. Those are added eco-friendly factor that bamboo are sustainable plants which are farmed widely in Vietnam. Ombh homeware, since creation in 2015, has worked closely with many local artisans around the country to design and manufacture exclusive collections of lampshades, bowls, trays, plates, pots… Thanks to a combination of our own input and skilful work, our products blend seamlessly between contemporary designs along with vibrant cheerful colours and traditional exotic materials to create stunning objects for use around any home and family, as well as perfect gift ideas.

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