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It's about connection with public

From selling our products in markets to making lovely connection with visitors. Since our first appearance in town, we have had occasions to chat with many shop visitors. The chat often expands from our unique products to memories and experiences of their visits in Vietnam. This weekend, we had great conversation to lovely couple and found out that they did half marathon in Sapa mountain region. What a small world is and what a pleasure to speak to them. Ombh homeware is not just about the products, we always love to meet, speak, explain to customer how products are made. Beyond that, we love to hear and share memories and experience of your travel in Vietnam. We are in the markets mots weekends, please come to visit us. In case you might plan any future trip to the country, don't hesitate to chat to us, we can certainly share some tips, especially best Vietnamese beef noodle restaurant or crispy vietnamese pancake #onlymadebyhand#ombhhomeware#tynemouthmarket#visitvietnam

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