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Come out of my shell - face to face with customers

It took me lots of courage to come out of my shell and show off some of beautiful handmade homeware products of Setting up a stall and face to face with viewers/customers are terrifying me but also it is a huge proud to explain to viewers how our products are made and where they come from.

It started quietly and shy as myself but great and thank to kind supports from my friend @Joanne Tonothy and the organisers @Laura Jane at JLJStudio, I feel much more confident and relax. I had few customers today, Hooooraaa, i can sell products

If anyone might want to see more products for your home, for gifts…please take a look at . Don’t hesitate to drop me message for special discount /coupon…please share/mention our online store to everyone. Huge appreciation for any support of your local business #ombhhomeware #onlymadebyhand #jljdancestudio #bambooplacemat #bamboobowl #woodenbowl #lacquerbowl #coconutbowl #bamboolampshade #rattanlampshade

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