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Bamboo wooden pot, jar container with lid, handcrafted pot, black, blue, green, pink, gold

Bamboo pot handmade cylinder wooden jar with lid inlaid with egg shell black


The beautiful cylinderJar Box Pot with Lid is made of bamboo. The bamboo slats are woven in round shape and stuck together with glue to form the round pot and lid. The pot outside is inlaid with many small pieces of white and dyed egg shell randomly to create unique mosaic pattern around the pot. The pot is then paint with gold effect colours around the gaps between inlaid egg shells. The item is finally coated with multi layers of clear varnish layers to provide shiney looking for the pot. 


The item is perfect for container uses such as dried food, sweet, fruits, tea bags, biscuits (not recommendable to liquid hot food). Other use ideas: display objects, small objects containers, dry flowers containers, soap containers, gifts...


The striking colour of black and gold effect will add a sparkle to your table, the colour glowing under the light. Each individual bowl is carefully selected, making this a truly unique item. The item is suitable to handwash with soap and soft tissues.


Colours:  Black-Gold Effect


Dimension:  ~12 x 9 cm (Height x Diameter), ~ 200 g  - HTT012