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wooden bowl handmade decorative lacquer bowl black

handmade wooden round decorative bowl lacquer inlaid with eggshell glossy black




This extraordinary bowl is made of solid wood coated with layers of lacquer by hand. The item is finally buffed to an unmatchable High Gloss shine in Black colour. The bowl is inlaid with 3 dragonfly symbols in tiny pieces of eggshell on a glossy lacquered background. 


Dragonfly is popular in ancient painting and in literature in the Far-East. It represents renewal, positive forces and power of life. The dragonfly symbolism is also associated with good luck, swiftness, peace, purity and harmony


The wooden lacquer bowl is a versatile and classic design which is water resistant and food-safe, making it the perfect bowl to serve fruits, nibbles, sweet, seeds & snacks at dinner parties (not recommendable to hot food). Other use ideas: display objects, small objects containers, dry flowers containers, gifts...


The striking colour in high gloss shine, a blending between oriental style and contemporary design will add a sparkle to your home. Each individual bowl is carefully selected, making this a truly unique item. Gorgeous to touch, each bowl is an individual work of art that showcases the skill and dedication of the crafts people. And, if you’re buying this as a gift, it’s certainly going to be a showstopper

The item is suitable to handwash with soft tissues.


Colours Set: Black


Dimension: 30 x 10 cm (Diameter x Height), 1000 g - (Large) 

                         25 x 9 cm (Diameter x Height), 800 g - (Medium)

                         21 x 7 cm (Diameter x Height), 500 g - (Small)



Colour: Black