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bamboo rattan wicker wood bowl round oval boat shape salad fruit serving bowl brown cream green orange red

handmade bamboo oval bowl serving bowl inlaid with egg shell blue gold


eco friendly handmade bamboo oval bowl (boat shape), wooden decorative and serving bowl lacquer inlaid with egg shell, stunning decorative bowls with beautiful touching feel, blue-gold effect


The oval bowls are made  of bamboo wood and recycled eggshell for decoration. The items are perfect for displaying salad, dried flowers, fruit or sweets as well as decorative homeware. 


Bamboo material is widely employed in the far-east from building construction to kitchenwares due to its light but strong, durable and flexible properties. Bamboo strips are rolled up and stuck together to desired shapes.Crushed egg-shell are dyed in desired colours (blue, pink, green or black) prior intricately inlaid onto the bamboo bowl generating an unique mosaic pattern for each bowl. The bowl wall is filled with gold effect paint and finally finished by multi clear lacquer layers leading to glossy and sparkling look for the item. The inside of the bowl is varnished with clear colour to retain the natural bamboo wood print. The finished work creates beautiful sparkling look with lovely tactile feel for the bowl. Thanks to colour reflection effect from the gold paint that will compliment to all fruits or sweets colours, making the bowls stunning containers. All work is carried by hand of Vietnamese artisans creating a truly unique art work


  • Material: Bamboo
  • Style: oval bowl (boat shape)
  • Colours: Blue-gold effect
  • Beautiful woven wood pattern and vibrant colours
  • Unique mosaic eggshell pattern
  • Beautiful tactile touching feel


Small Bowl: 20cm (L) x 16cm (W)  x 6cm (H), 160g- Item Code: BTT002S

Medium Bowl: 24cm (D) x 19cm (W) x 7cm (H), 210g- Item Code: BTT002M

Large Bowl: 28cm (L) x 22cm (W) x 8cm (H), 300g - Item Code: BTT002L



The bowl is suitable to hand wash with soap and soft tissues.





Colour: Blue