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handcrafted wooden lacquer picture with 3D effect embossed painting, eggshell seashell inlay

Handcrafted Wooden Abstract Lacquer 3D Painting, Lady & Chest Board, Large

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Immerse Yourself in a World of Art: Handcrafted Lacquer Paintings on wood illustrating A Lady With Chest Board - Large Square - LP004L


Unleash the captivating beauty of lacquer art with our stunning, handcrafted paintings. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, meticulously created using traditional techniques. Each pictures composes layers of lacquer to build a vibrant, abstract landscape. Hand-painted details and embossed textures add depth and dimension. Intricate inlays of gold and silver leaf shimmer alongside eggshells and seashells create a mesmerizing textural experience that invites you to explore the artwork with your fingertips.


    This particular lacquer painting features a captivating abstract scene, encouraging for imaginative observation. The chest board and other details are decorated with cut mother of pearl. The full abstract background is composed with silver and gold leaf providing a touch of elegance and sophistication, other details are intricately inlaid with broken eggshell to add tactile feel around the picture. The embossed painting technique is employed around the lady hat brings a 3D artwork effect. 


    More than just decoration, the vibrant explosion of color and texture creates a landscape that sparks the imagination. The picture is easily complement on any wall decor or place it on a table for a stunning focal point in any room. The painting will be great gift to impress someone special as a unique and thoughtful present guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


    Picture dimension: 30 x 30 x 0.6 cm with hook on the back

    Item Code: LP004L


    • Additional Product Information

      Wooden lacquerware are not mass and machinery produced, but only designed and made for OnlyMBH with limited stock. Thanks to an abundance in colours and patterns we currently introduce a diverse collection ready for your choice.

      OnlyMBH treats all products with a pride and care. The products are checked in different stages from Vietnam to the UK. Because of handmade products, exact dimension might slightly vary All item pictures are taken using maximum natural light and shown in various angles to present upmost condition of the product, there might be slight difference of colour shade

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