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Handmade Bamboo Placemats Table Mats Fine Quality Tableware Velvet Red

SKU: PJ015

Contemporary style and fine quality placemats of velvet red colour will enhance the beauty of your dining table and protect the surface from the heat. Stunning red placemat is beautifully decorated with twisting bands on 2 sides creating a touch of charm for the item. This compact and light weight placemat set is also easy for storage as well as a great gift idea


The placemats are made of fine bamboo threads (split by hand) then sun-dried and boiled to treat the wood. The bamboo threads used are either in their natural wood of light brown (cream colour) or delicately dyed in colours (without overshadowing the natural wood grain). The bamboo threads are singly inter-woven with cotton threads forming patterns over the time. Each combination of dyed bamboo sticks and condensed colourful strings results in elegant, eye catching and long lasting placemats. The entirely handmade and sustainable process with natural materials illustrates skilful and meticulous work of Vietnamese artisans generating friendly environmental products.


  • Eco Friendly Handmade Bamboo Placemats / Table Mats
  • Beautiful Pack Of 4 or 6
  • Dyed Fine Bamboo Stickes Laced With Colourful Threads
  • Contemporary Design, Rectangular Shape
  • Dimension ~ 30x40 cm (Due to handmade product, exact dimension might slightly vary)
  • Weight ~600 g, Light Weight, Easy To Roll Up For Storage
  • Colour Set: Velvet Red With Beautiful Twisting Decoration


Colour: Red