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wooden coconut bowl handmade decorative round bowl black brown cream blue red green lacquer egg shell seashell

coconut bowl handmade decorative bowl natural wooden round bowl fruit sweet bowl


Handmade Decorative Coconut Bowl, Lacquered & Inlaid With Eggshell Homeware Collection, Natural Round Shape, Red-Brown


This extraordinary bowl is made of treated coconut shell coated with layers of Lacquer in vibrant colours, then carved with egg-shell in mosaic pattern. The item is finally buffed to an unmatchable High Gloss shine. The outside retains natural brown of coconut shell.

The Bowl is water resistant and food-safe, making it the perfect bowl to serve nibbles & snacks at dinner parties (not recommendable to hot food). Other use ideas: display objects, small objects containers, dry flowers containers, soap containers, gifts...

The striking colour and high gloss shine will add a sparkle to your table, the colour glowing under the light

Recycled coconut shell is totally transformed under skilful handcrafted work of Vietnamese artisans to vibrant, truly unique and friendly environmental bowl

The bowl is suitable to handwash with soap and soft tissues.


Shape: Natural Round

Dimension: ~ 6 x 13 cm (HxDi) 

Colours: Red - Brown

Item Code: H005




  • Additional Product Information

    Coconut lacquerware are not mass and machinery produced, but only designed and made for OnlyMBH with limited stock. Thanks to an abundance in colours and patterns we currently introduce a diverse collection of bowls ready for your choice. OnlyMBH treats all products with a pride and care. The products are checked in different stages from Vietnam to the UK

    Because of handmade bowl of natural coconut shell, exact round shade and dimension might slightly vary All item pictures are taken using maximum natural light and shown in various angles to present upmost condition of the product, there might be slight difference of colour shade