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Bamboo and Rattan Wooden Lampshades

Rattan and bamboo are special wooden material possessing durable strength and solid but amazing flexibility. They have been widely used by Vietnamese over thousand years from small homeware utensils to house and bridge construction. Nowadays, the natural materials have become popular trend for various homeware products and home décor purposes including lampshades and placemats  


The stages of producing bamboo and rattan are very sophisticated, including selecting raw materials and plucking, drying, chopping spokes, drying and finally weaving


OMBH proudly introduces an exclusive collection of rattan and bamboo lampshades in wide range of shapes and sizes illustrating the traditional and contemporary features. The elegant shades are made of split slats which are sophisticatedly woven together before being carefully bent into desired shape. Beautifully handcrafted products in natural materials instantly creates a welcoming warm soft light and a statement piece within any room. Purely handcrafted making process from natural materials add extra eco- friendly value to the product.  

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